Your Puget Sound Real Estate Team

Trident Northwest is thrilled to have the opportunity to be your real estate team, helping you throughout the entire buying and selling process. We are military relocation specialists and last year alone we worked with over 100 military families. We understand the nuances specific to PCS orders and VA loans and are happy to be specialists in this area negotiating on your behalf. Our passion for our country and to those who serve led us to our specialty and keeps us going everyday. After every transaction we give back by making a donation to organizations dedicated to our veterans such as Operation Mend and Vet Bikes.

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Erik Tinglum

cell: 253-224-7170

Bjorn Tinglum

cell: 253-495-7406

What Our Clients Say

"Selling my home was a very emotional decision for me, during a very difficult time in my life. Rachel was not only empathetic, she was attentive and so supportive. She handled an issue with a buyer's agent with extreme professionalism and courtesy. I would not hesitate to use Rachel in the future. In fact, I wouldn't use anyone else."